Girls Hockey Connecticut

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CCM & Reebok
CCM and Rebock have consolidated under the CCM hockey brand to become the largest hockey equipment manufacturer in the world, with over 90% of all players are wearing CCM skates. Aside from skates, the company makes sticks, helmets, gloves, protective gear, accesories, and apparel. CCM equips some of the best hockey players in the world. Using athlete's on-ice experience for product testing, CCM has a reputation for high quality, intuitive equipment made from the inside out.
IPH Hockey
We are a team of passionate, NCAA experienced coaches dedicated to growing the game of hockey in Connecticut. Since 2002, we have provided our players with the highest level of skill development based on a simple philosophy: Love The Game. Our players leave every training session exhausted and hungry for the next one. We create an environment that forces you to focus in the midst of multi-tasking chaos. This elevates your hockey IQ and strengthens your skills. Technique + Fatigue = Improvement. There is no downtime at IPH. You're always moving, learning, and growing. If you aren't drenched in sweat with a smile on your face, then you're wasting your time. You won't find us selling "Power Skating" or "Stick Handling" specials. Why? Because every single IPH drill demands those (and a dozen other) skills. ​Hockey is an integrative sport that can't be taught piecemeal. IPH players are successful because they are taught on a multi-dimensional level that builds a true hockey player.
Hamden Sport Center
Since 2005, Hamden Sport Center has quickly become a leader in the New England hockey world. A specialty hockey shop, Hamden Sport carries every major brand. As an offshoot of Cheshire Sport, the store brings with it experience in the sporting goods industry since 1971. Operating under Cheshire or Hamden Sport, the company has outfitted generations of hockey players.
MB Sports Training
MB Sports Training has been recognized by its members, and our local sports community, for providing a motivating, and smart training experience directed towards competitive athletes, moms, dads, and working professionals. Members are instructed by experienced sports performance coaches in small group settings using athletic principles to focus on specific needs, safety, clever progressions, and attention to detail.
Pro Crease
Pro Crease Goaltending, LLC (PCG) is the largest instructional hockey organization dedicated solely to goaltending in the Connecticut, New York & New Jersey area; the company also serves organizations and academic institutions in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. PCG was founded in 2008 by Jared Waimon who serves as PCG’s owner/founder. Along with a staff of twenty (20) premier goaltending instructors, PCG provides a wide range of services from summer and year-round camps to elite private instruction for prep schools, Division I colleges and youth organizations.
Cam Neely Foundation for Cancer Care
Processing with a Purpose is a program developed to support The Cam Neely Foundation for Cancer Care through the processing of credit cards. The Shoreline Sharks participate in Processing for a Purpose and have designated The Cam Neely Foundation for Cancer Care as our charitable beneficiary. A portion of the credit card fees that we incur are donated to the Foundation. Since the program began, over $142,000 has been donated to The Cam Neely Foundation!